Self-driving cars aren’t perfect, but they are extremely reliable, even in their current stage of development. Someday, their safety may start saving you on auto insurance, but for now, the autonomous automobiles are still just a work-in-progress. The vehicles themselves are still being developed, and there’s quite a bit of legislation that needs to be sorted out before computer-controlled vehicles can be sold to the public, but it seems like there’s a major innovation behind every corner.

The latest achievement in the world of self-driving cars belongs to Audi, German manufacturer of world-renowned supercars. Keeping tradition with their supercar legacy, their latest experiment is a self-driving car that can handle extreme speeds, tight turns, and advanced driving maneuvers – all without the guidance of a human.

But Audi wouldn’t be satisfied with just one incredible self-driving supercar – they’re currently testing two other prototypes alongside an R7 named Robby. Robby has shown incredible skill and almost human-like competence in a diverse assortment of performance tests designed to push the boundaries of what self-driving cars are capable of.

Robby is a bright red R7 covered in angular black decals and Audi logos. Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour, this self-driving dynamo is capable of mechanical precision, enabling it to utilize every bit of its 560 hp engine.

Strangely enough, these prototypes are just that – prototypes. Audi is working towards self-driving features, but they’re not striving for a future of completely autonomous vehicles. Instead, Audi sees self-driving technologies as a way to make the driving experience more enjoyable while still leaving the human in control. You can see this philosophy reflected in the Q7, Audi’s flagship SUV. The Q7 has no shortage of high-tech luxury features (it is an Audi, after all), one of the most impressive features is the vehicle’s ability to drive itself on the highway. The vehicle can accelerate, stop, start, and even change lanes for you – all you need to do is remind the vehicle you’re paying attention by touching the steering wheel at regular intervals.

As mentioned earlier, there are still come legal kinks that need to be worked out before self-driving cars can hit the consumer market, but all signs point to a positive outcome – self-driving cars are safer, more efficient, and could completely eliminate traffic jams.

But where do you stand on the integration of self-driving cars into the infrastructure? Do you trust the tech, or do you remain skeptical? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to call or click today for liability insurance and more!

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Meet Audi’s Latest Self-Driving Supercar Robby
This self-driving supercar can break 150 miles per hour – but does it have auto insurance? Learn more about Audi’s new project here.