The Spring Myrtle Beach Harley Rally, otherwise known as “Harley Bike Week” spanned the first half of May this year, from the 8th to the 17th. Thousands of motorcyclists attended and participated in the annual events. And with that many motorcycles on the road along with cars and pedestrians, it was understood that there were going to be inherent risks, such as the possibility of vehicular crashes, accidents, driving under influence, and risky behaviors related to drugs or alcohol. Although, motorcycle insurance may have been the furthest thing from motorcyclists’ minds, if an incident occurred it could mean a world of difference to them in handling what could be a nightmare!

With very serious concerns regarding general safety and crowd control, the South Carolina Highway Patrol was nearby to keep the peace and watch out for any disruptive behavior. They knew how easy it would be for motorcyclists to be involved with an accident, and those motorcycles that collided with cars would be especially vulnerable to serious injury or even fatalities. If any of those motorcyclists were drinking or taking drugs it could increase the chance of an accident occurring due to slower motor skills, loss in vision, and impaired judgment that could lead to stupid risks or making bad decisions.

Particularly, lack of visibility on the roads to other motorcyclists or motor vehicles is a huge factor to crashes that could be prevented. If drivers aren’t aware of motorcycles and can’t see them, then when they’re making left turns, changing lanes, or stopping suddenly they can endanger the lives of motorcyclists. In the case that a motorcyclist suffers an injury, it’s imperative that they not only have acceptable South Carolina motorcycle insurance but good motorcycle insurance in order to cover for all related costs, including medical services regardless of liability. Unfortunately, motorcyclists often only have the bare minimum coverage on their motorcycle insurance policies which may not be enough to ensure adequate coverage. This could mean a lot of out-of-pocket costs to cover as they receive treatment, and also on replacing or repairing their motorcycle.

Even though liability coverage is mandatory under motorcycle insurance, there are optional additions that you may want to consider when determining the right level of motorcycle insurance coverage for you:

  • Do you want collision coverage that will help pay for costs even if you’re at fault?
  • Would you want comprehensive coverage that covers for vandal, theft, or other non-accident related dangers?
  • What if someone without insurance or inadequate insurance hits you or damages your motorcycle?
  • What are the limits and deductibles on motorcycle replacement coverage?
  • What kind of accessory coverage is available?
  • How much does it cost for Roadside Assistance?
  • Do they cover custom parts or motorcycles?
  • How many motorcycles can be included under the coverage?
  • Are there discounts for multi-vehicle coverage?

Whether you’re participating in a large ride, like those associated with the Harley Bike Week rally or just regularly on your own, in order to have peace of mind, consider if you have good motorcycle insurance that will fully allow you to enjoy your ride.

Article Name
“Motorcycle Rally Safety Concerns: Adequate Motorcycle Insurance?”
Among the safety concerns that abound for Spring Myrtle Beach Harley Rally Motorcyclists, the major question is “do they have adequate motorcycle insurance in case of emergency?”