Nobody likes to think about being involved in an accident, but accidents do happen. Should one occur, you can count on Driver’s Choice to assist you promptly and courteously.

If you are in an accident…

  1. Stop immediately – pull to the side of the road out of traffic
  2. Stay calm
  3. Call 911.  Do not move any injured people
  4. Provide your information, if requested by other driver and to police officer, if on the scene
  5. Call your insurance company immediately.  If you have a cell phone, call while on the scene.

Protect yourself from future harm!
Other than providing the name of your insurance carrier and policy number; do not reveal the extent of your insurance coverage to anyone. Remember: Take no blame. Do not admit responsibility. Make no statements regarding the accident to anyone other than the police and your Driver’s Choice Claim Representative.


When filing a claim…
So that we may handle your claim quickly and efficiently, please have the following information available at the time of your call. It is especially important that you have all of the following information at hand:

  • Policyholder’s name
  • Policy number
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the driver and passengers of covered vehicle
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the driver and passengers of the other vehicle(s)
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Detailed description of the accident

Always report an accident immediately regardless of how minor it is – even if you’re not responsible. The sooner you report an accident, the sooner your claim can be investigated and settled. This is particularly important where bodily injury or potential injury has occurred.

If you need to file a claim, contact your insurance company directly for prompt service:

Carrier Phone Number Claims Number
ACCC 844-382-5364 800-651-1589
Access 877-353-9838 866-747-6931
AssuranceAmerica 800-450-7857 888-580-8134
AssuranceAmerica 800-450-7857 800.261.8507
CIS 800-280-0955 855-605-7639
Dairyland 800-462-6342 option 5
Gainsco 800-810-9808 866.424.6726
Greenville Casualty 800.982.5783 CS #4  – Claims #3
OMNI 866-300-6433 800-680-1904
Progressive 877-776-2436 option 5
The General 866-519-7422 800-280-1466 Option 3
Titan / Victoria 800.888.8424 800.926.3168
UAIC 866-913-6866 option 4
SC General 800-922-3301 800-922-3301

If you don’t know your insurance company, call us at 877-772-4642 for assistance.